All models are in stock EXCEPT E Titan, E Spike, Titan, Chameleon, and Stowaway 1. Most will be available around July 10. Due to a lot of orders we need to fill, Chameleons won't be available until September 1st . We would like to welcome our newest dealers- Arnold's Bikes in Thomson, IL and Main Street Trikes in Elberta, AL .We are always happy to have customers come here to test and purchase trikes. Please call ahead though so we can be sure to have enough time to spend with you.
Trident Trikes is committed to innovation, customer service, and the most value in the Recumbent Trike market today! As riders ourselves we are attuned to the needs of Recumbent Trike riders worldwide. We offer Factory Direct Pricing with US Support .

Trident Trikes are covered by our 5 Year Limited Warranty, and require much less customer assembly than other Trikes commonly available.