Efneo GTRO Gearboxes

Trident Trikes is the North American Distributor for Efneo GTRO Gearboxes.
The Efneo GTRO Gearbox is a 3 Speed Internally Geared Crankset Replacement. It will give you an effective gear range identical to having a 28/40/50 Triple Crankset up front, without having to use a front derailleur. You can shift the Efneo whether you are moving or standing still!  The Efneo GTRO Gearbox comes in 3 different configurations- Twist Shifter, Trigger Shifter, or Bar End Shifter. For more information visit www.efneo.com
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Efneo GTRO Gearbox Twist Shifter$499.00 + $12 Shipping Sold Out Until July 1(Both Colors)


Efneo GTRO Gearbox Trigger Shifter$499.00 + $12 Shipping


Efneo GTRO Gearbox Bar End Shifter$519.00 + $12 Shipping